PhD in Education, University of Ottawa, 2014-2018.

Alternative Education Qualification, Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario, 2016.

Master of Arts in Education: Concentration in Society, Culture, and Literacies. University of Ottawa, 2012-2014.

Senior Visual Arts and English Qualifications, Queen’s University Continuing Education, Kingston, Ontario, 2013.

Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate (Language arts), University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario. Developing a Global Perspective for Educators co-curricular certificate, 2011-2012.

Bachelor of Media Art: Film, Video and Integrated Media, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, 2006-2009.

Development Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, 2003-2004.


CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR/FACILITATOR, (Un)school, ArtsCourt, Ottawa, Ontario, August 2017 – Present.

VISUAL ART TEACHER, Senior Division, Ashbury College, January – June 2017.

PART-TIME PROFESSOR, University of Ottawa. Schooling and Society (PED3102D), January-April 2017.

CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR/FACILITATOR, Summerhill on Major’s Hill, Blink Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, August 2016.

ON-CALL TEACHER, Primary/Junior/Intermediate/Senior Divisions, Ottawa Catholic District School Board, April 2013 – January 2016.

TEACHING ASSISTANT, University of Ottawa:

  • Cultural Studies and Education: Theory and Praxis (EDU5463 with Dr. Awad Ibrahim), June-July 2015.
  • Schooling and Society (PED 3102 with Dr. Joel Westheimer), September 2014-December 2014.
  • Teaching language arts and the arts at the Primary/Junior level (PED1140 with Dr. Cynthia Morawski), January 2014-April 2014.
  • Graduate Literacy Seminar (EDU 5489 with Dr. Cynthia Morawski), January 2014-April 2014.
  • Curriculum, Culture, and Language (EDU 6460 with Dr. Pat Palulis), January-April 2014.
  • Curriculum and Evaluation (PED 3103 with Dr. Stephanie Chitpin), September 2013-December 2013.


  • Critical Digital Literacies Project with Dr. Diane Watt, January 2016-Present. 
  • Imagination, Creativity, & Innovation Teacher Education Cohort with Dr. Michael Wilson, June-December, 2016.
  • Conducted literature reviews regarding: Urban Priority High schools for Dr. Ruth Kane, professional learning communities for Dr. Tim Stanley and Dr. Awad Ibrahim and online research methods and communication strategies for Dr. Cynthia Morawski.


Blink Gallery Artist Collective (funded by the Ontario Arts Council), Ottawa, Ontario. October 2015-Present.

National Art Education Association. January 2013-Present.

Canadian Society For Education Through the Arts, Executive Member (Graduate Student Representative), January 2013-Present.

Canadian Society for Studies in Education, January 2013-Present.


Videographer/editor/mentor, Youth and Elder Story Symposium, Wakefield, Quebec, September-Present.

Interim Co-Editor, Canadian Art Teacher Journal, November 2016-Present.

Coordinator/Steering Committee Member, National Roundtable for Teacher Education in the Arts, Ottawa, Ontario. January 2013-Present.

Coordinator/Steering Committee Member, Creativity and Aesthetic Experience Committee, University of Ottawa. September 2012-April 2016.

Curriculum-based Researcher/Teacher/Volunteer, Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research (KNAER), Ottawa, Ontario. October-December 2011.

Programming Volunteer, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia. December 2008 – April 2009.


Cloutier, G. (2017). Arts-based methods, interdisciplinarity and transformative potential, Presented at the Creative Connections Conference, Fredericton, NewBrunswick.

Cloutier, G. (2017). Social Practice Art and Alternative Pedagogical Experimentation, Presented at the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning Conference, Ottawa, Ontario.

Cloutier, G. (2017). Introduction to arts-based research. Guest speaker in Qualitative Research Methodologies (EDU7190), University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario.

Cloutier, G. (2016). Democratic Education at Summerhill on Major’s Hill, Presented at the Canadian Society for Education through Art (CSEA), Victoria, BC.

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2016   Chinatown Remixed, Friendship Channel, Ottawa, ON.

2016   Blink Gallery, Summerhill on Major’s Hill (collaboration with Adam Brown), Ottawa,  ON.

2015   Blink Gallery, (Un)supported, Ottawa, ON.

2014   Saw Gallery, Sketch Fundraiser, Ottawa, ON.

2014   Blink Gallery, Performing g(hosts) II, Ottawa, ON.

2014   Gallery 115, Performing g(hosts) I, Ottawa, ON.

2014   National University of Australia School of Art Gallery, AuditionTapes, Sydney, Australia.

2010   The Brow Gallery, The Hollow Tree, Vancouver, BC.

2009   Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery, I am not Paul McCartney, Vancouver, BC.

2009   Emily Carr University of Art and Design Graduation Exhibit, fet-shzm, Vancouver, BC.

2009   VIVO Media Arts Centre, Net(work), Vancouver, BC.

2009   VIVO Media Arts Centre, Talking Head, Vancouver, BC.

2008   Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery, Audition Tapes, Vancouver, BC.

2008   The Brow Gallery, My Mother Worked in a Factory, Vancouver, BC.                             

2007   Emily Carr University of Art and Design Concourse gallery, En(gender)ed, Vancouver, BC.

2006    Abraham J. Rogatnick Media Gallery, Relearn, Vancouver, BC.


Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2015-2019.

PhD Excellence Scholarship, University of Ottawa, 2015-2018.

Masters Thesis Award, Canadian Society for Education Through Art, 2015.

Cynthia Chambers Master’s Thesis Award Finalist, Canadian Society for Curriculum Studies, 2014.

President’s Choice Media Award Finalist, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, 2009.